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Guide to Buying a Swivel Bar Stool

Tips to Consider When Buying a Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel bar stool height from floor to counter top When you are ready to buy a swivel bar stool, one of the biggest dilemma is to choose the right one from the array of selection available in the market. Bar stool add to the character of your space. Take some time to consider important factors to ensure that you pick the right swivel bar stool that suits your lifestyle. Mentioned here are some points to help you select the perfect swivel bar stool.

  • Decide on the desired height: Find out the height of bar stool you want to keep as they are available in heights from 24 inches to 30 inches. The best and comfortable height for a bar stool is around 10 inches less than your counter or the bar table where you want to keep the stool. There are some swivel bar stools that are designed with adjustable height application which varies from counter level of 24 inches to bar height of 30 inches.
  • Consider comfort and style: Pick a bar stool that has a design which suits your lifestyle and is comfortable. You have the option of bar stools with high and low and high backs, without back, without or with arms, 360-degree swivel as well as memory swivel or half swivel.
  • Move with the trend: Style is the first thing one notices in a bar stool and you can select the bar stools that improve the look of your area and also appeal to your aesthetic taste. This includes upholstery, color, and material as well as a complete feel and look. Pick shades which complement and accentuate your décor. People with classic and sophisticated room interiors can choose classy, contemporary bar stools with simple design and brushed metal frame. In case you are buying them for a bachelor pad you can pick bar stools that offer a pub-like ambience like leather seats and dark brown frames. Fashionable, vibrant color bar stools with striking leather or vinyl seats are excellent for a retro-inspired look.
  • Reflect on versatility: Consider the purpose and versatility of your bar stool before buying them. Do you want to use the stool with a counter, bar as well as for additional seating in your living or entertainment area select a bar stool that can fit all the needs.
  • Get a good fit: Verify the space your bar stool will take and the space you have for the stools to fit comfortably. In case you are buying two of them make sure that there is comfortable room in between when you keep them in your bar. For a perfect feel maintain 6 inches gap between two bar stools. If there is less area select smaller stools with no arm rests and for bigger space pick bar stools that suit the size.