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How to Keep your Wooden Barstool Looking New

How to Take Care Of Wooden Bar Stools

Maintain finish of wooden bar stoolWooden bar stools are multipurpose and attractive but you have to take additional care as compared to metal bar stools. Just a little bit of maintenance can keep your wooden bar stools shining, smooth and free of splinters.

Wooden Bar Stools Maintenance Tips

You don’t have to invest too much time or energy to take care of your bar stools. Here are some simple tips to keep your wooden bar stools in best shape.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure. If you use your stools outdoors, cover them with opaque cover when they’re not in use. If possible, move them to a shaded location to prevent the heat of the sun from drying out the wood.
  • Do not expose stools to water for long: It is vital to keep outdoor stools far from long water contact due to sprinklers, snow or rain. Store wooden stools in a dry place especially during the rains. When you water the yard, place the stools and bar far from the flowerbeds and the lawn.
  • Varnish at regular intervals: Lacquer or varnish starts fading after some years. You can sand it and apply fresh varnish to impede moisture absorption by the wood.
  • Stains and spills should be wiped immediately: Stains or liquids should never be allowed to dry on the wooden stools. Wipe it off quickly with a cloth. You can use furniture polish or a mild soap to eliminate stains.
  • Regular dusting: You can use especially designed wood dust remover to maintain the varnish and wood in good condition. Other than the seat, dust the support beams, legs as well as the clefts where dust tends to gather.
  • Unvarnished wood has to be oiled: In case you have unvarnished wooden bar stools, rub wood oil on them to retain their natural moisture and diminish the probability of splintering and fading. You can do it when the wood starts feeling dry and rough.
  • Do not use solvents near wooden stools: Wood, stain or varnish can get damaged by the use of solvents such as nail polish remover, pure alcohol and paint remover. Don not use them close to the stools and if it spills wipe immediately.