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How to Maintain Leather Barstool Condition

Taking Care of Leather Bar Stools

Maintaining condition of leather barstoolsTo ensure a long life to your leather bar stools, you have to take good care of them. Just give a little time and you can use your favorite stools for years. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain leather stools and keep them looking new.

Leather Bar Stools Need Annual Maintenance

You need to put some effort in taking care of your leather bar stools in the same way as you do for your leather jacket every year.

Treat stools with leather conditioner- Use leather conditioner on the stool seats once every year to maintain the suppleness and softness of leather.

Apply leather waterproofing yearly- By waterproofing leather stools you can make sure that there will be less damage to the stool due to any stains or spills. These chemicals have to be applied every year.

Repair nicks and scratches – Even though you can see small nicks or scratches on the seat all through the year, you must keep the bar stools in bright light once a year to inspect it thoroughly. Keep a leather touch-up kit and mend all scratches.

Daily Leather Bar Stool Maintenance

Other than the maintenance performed on annual basis, it is important to take some precautions daily while caring and cleaning the stools.

Clean spills right away- Your stools may be waterproofed but all spills must be wiped away immediately. You can use a damp cloth but do not wet the leather completely.

Use leather cleaner to remove stains- For tough stains you can take help of leather cleaner to eliminate stains fast.

Crevices should be dusted and vacuumed- Clean all the legs and vacuum the rims of the stool when you clean the leather stool. Dust can accumulate where the leather and wood meet.

Mend scratches as soon as they occur- You can do a touch up whenever you see a scratch between big repairs to ensure that they don’t increase.

Remember that leather stools need more care as compared to wooden or fabric bar stools. It is worth all the effort if you want your stools to stay functional and attractive for many years.