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How to Polish and Clean Chrome Barstools

Ways to Clean Chrome Barstools

How to polish a chrome barstoolChrome bar stools are typically very sleek and attractive. Chrome helps in creating a retro look and is equally comparable to the modern day cutting edge design styles. Chrome barstools are available in swivel as well as traditional static design. Chrome is known to maintain its good looks by not getting corroded as it is a very tough and durable material. Most auto fenders are manufactured with chrome and the 1950′s retro style can be seen in the classic cars of that era.

Chrome is recognized for its strength, toughness and long lasting features. To get dark chrome finish manufacturers use black Chromium. Hard chrome is typically used in restoring industrial equipments that are worn out or to decrease wear and tear of the equipment. Chrome which is available in bright colors offers a shiny finish to products. Other than a bright finish Chrome also defies corrosion as it is harder than many other metals. It offers excellent protection and that is why chrome barstools last better than wooden barstools.

Chrome is perhaps the finest metal to make barstools but you also need to maintain it properly. You have to be very careful and wipe chrome stools as soon as there is a spill. Mild soap and water can be used to clean the chrome barstools. It should be dried completely after washing. Chrome used in metal furniture can be cleaned, dusted and polished at one go. You can take help of the multi-surface polish. Chrome barstools are available with padded seats and armrests. Most of these bar stools don’t have back rest. Chrome barstools are very long lasting but good care must be taken by cleaning it on a regular basis.

Here are four ways to help you keep your chrome barstools clean and shining:

  • Vinegar- Dip a soft cloth in cider vinegar or undiluted white to wipe and clean chrome.
  • Baby oil- Use a soft cloth dipped in baby oil to polish or eliminate stains from chrome beadings on appliances, vehicles, faucets, etc.
  • Aluminum foil- Rust spots on car bumpers or on golf club chrome shafts can be removed by briskly scrubbing with a piece of shiny side up wrinkled aluminum foil.
  • Chrome faucets- You can clean them easily with soap water. Wash and rub dry with paper towel to bring back the shine.  Use old toothbrush to remove dirt deposits from beneath the edges of the faucet. Use silver polish to eliminate tough spots. Rinse and wipe it dry.