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Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden Stools For the Kitchen or Bar

Wooden bar stools are my favorite styles, they are highly durable and can be stained to blend in with any rooms interior design. We have a number of great choices that have a warranty that guarantees quality.

What to look for when Buying a Stool

When searching for the perfect bar stool, be sure to never cheap out when it come to quality.
You or your guest will be sitting and looking at these wooden pieces on a daily basis, so invest in a product that will withstand the punishment and be the part that makes your room stand out. You want a stool that will be comfortable to sit in, either a wooden bar stool with backing or a soft cushion seat. Swivel stools are a wonderful feature, glide to see other parts of the room while staying in that perfect sitting position you are in.

Choosing a Wooden Stool

Quality bar stools are something you should be proud to display, and become the lasting factor that finishes your kitchen counter. So when deciding on which stool to pick, I advise thinking of how the stool will look in the room you will be setting them. Rooms with a bright feel, contrasting stools with a dark finish look great. For darker interior designs a lighter stained wood stool stands out, or go deeper with a dark charcoal finish. Knowing your counter or bar height is crucial, you don’t want to be chopping the legs off a few inches when you get it home..

  • For a counter 36” high 26-24” stools will suit you best, if you are tall the 24” may work best.
  • For 42” counters I suggest a 30” bar stool.

Rule of thumb is to subtract 12-10” from your counter height to calculate the height your stools should be.