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Tips when it comes to buying Bar Stools

Thing to Consider When Purchasing Bar Stools

There are a number of vital points to consider when you decide to purchase bar stools for commercial use or home.

Consider these points before buying your bar stools:Many different designs and styles

  1. Check the overall décor of the room or space where the stools will be kept. Does it have a modern, retro or European look? Purchase bar stools that compliment and match the interiors particularly if they will be used commercially. It is your personal decision when you select bar stools with numerous styles of bar stools available in the market. It is good to pick bar stools that reflect your own style.
  2. Find out how much space is available for bar stools and measure carefully to know the exact number of bar stools you require. Typically the rule is to leave 26-30 inches of gap between the middle of every stool seat. It is best to keep some additional room between them especially if you are buying bar stools with arms or swivel models. Guests shouldn’t feel cramped in small space.
  3. Consider how often you will use the bar stools, daily, weekly, once every month or even less. When you use stools daily they with get more wear and tear as compared to bar stools that are not used so often. Consider all these points before taking a decision.
  4. Keep in mind the comfort level you want. Do you like bar stools with or without back or with swivel? The kind of seat cover you like? Is there any preference like leather or cloth seat?
  5. Use of fabric or leather seating is your personal preference. Some individuals prefer the feel and look of leather, while others like the cozy, homey feel of the upholstered stool seat. Both kind of seating have their own needs in maintenance as well as use.
  6. You can get counter and bar stools in metal and wood in several different finishes and designs. You bar will offer the look based on the style you select. Metal stools give a modern contemporary look. Commercial bar stools come with additional stretchers at the base of the stool.

Metal stools are sturdy and strong and are considered contemporary, but are heavy for moving. You can buy wooden stools in different wood such as cherry, oak and maple. They are durable and offer the space a cozy and warm feeling. You can get them in many different finishes to suit all interiors. Remember that humidity, exposure to sun light and heat can damage these wooden pieces.