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Tips on how to Maintain Leather Bar stools

Maintaining Upholstered and Leather Seating

Maintaining Leather Barstools

Maintain leather barstoolsLeather is considered to be the strongest known natural material and if cared for properly your leather seating will last for many years. It has many advantages when compared to fabric seating. Typically leather is more resilient than cloth and lasts longer. As leather ages well it does not wear off like upholstery and is tough to tear or scratch. If by chance the something scratches leather you can repair it easily with the help of touch-up leather repair kit. It is best to keep leather away from direct sunlight as long sun exposure can lead to fading of leather.

It is not advised to use harsh cleaners like abrasives or ammonia on leather as the chemicals can damage the leather finish. Make sure that you wipe spills instantly and blot all the spilled liquid. Natural finish on the leather offers a little waterproofing which allows the liquid to rest on the surface of the seat long enough to clean it.

Use soft clean cloth dampened with warm water and gentle soap to wipe leather of any oil or surface dirt. It is possible to vacuum leather with the furniture brush attachment to get rid of food particles or dust that is caught in the clumps or gaps.

Maintaining Upholstery Stools

Make sure that you blot all spills right away to keep your upholstered seating looking new. In case something is spilled on the fabric and you have to rinse it test a small part of the fabric which is unseen with upholstery shampoo. Don’t use the shampoo if the fabric fades or bleeds. It is best to apply a spray stain guard on the seat to evade staining. This also keeps the liquid from being soaked in and stain the material.

Remember to follow the instructions of the manufacturer on the cleaner when you shampoo the upholstery. Make sure to use clean soft cloth to pat shampoo on the cloth and then wipe away the shampoo suds with a damp cloth and allow the fabric to dry fully.